Ten typical things of the Finnish Christmas

Ten favorites of a very traditional Finnish Christmas 1. Santa Claus Santa Claus (Joulupukki) brings the gifts for children and nice adults on Christmas Eve. It is considered as a good manner to to accept gifts as well as give gifts to family members even if today nearly everyone has everything they need. Well, needs…
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Asiakaskokemus juna-bussi-matkalta Joulupukin Pajakylään

Kuvausmatkalle Kempeleestä Rovaniemen Pajakylään Video vuoden 2017 joulunavauksesta. Katso! Pajakylän vetonaulana Rovaniemella olivat vuoden 2017 joulukauden avaustapahtumassa hymynaamaiset lumiukot ja tekoturkisasuinen jääkarhu. Pakkassäässä ei voitu tehdä omia lumiukkoja, mutta selfien kuvaaminen onnistui, jos puhelimessa riitti akkuvirtaa. - Älä liukastu! sanoi virkailija Kempeleen lumipeitteisellä asemalla ennen Rovaniemen junaan hyppäämistä, kun juoksin vimmatusti kohti vaunua numero 59, joka…
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– Santa Claus gave me a hug in Rovaniemi!

Visiting Santa Claus Christmas Opening for 2017 in Rovaniemi

Traveling alone in Finland is an easy and safe way before Christmas by plane, by bus or by train from Helsinki or Oulu to Rovaniemi Santa Claus Village. Luckily I met a young lady from Hongkong who was an accustomed alone-traveler. Luckily my friend met also Santa Claus, got nice photos sitting by him and his elf. We spent that cold but interesting Christmas Opening Day 2017 at Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi.

Friends at Santa Claus Village

You can easily make friends in Santa Claus Village like we did at the Opening for Christmas 2017

YouTube Channel of Mrs. Santa Claus Finland

Look at the authentic videos of the Finnish way of life!

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