We organize now only virtual visits due to the COVID-19!

Workshop of Gingerbread Cookies

2 hour visit: Welcome, soft drink, the story of Mrs. Santa and her friends, a warm and cozy workshop of decorating ginger bread cookies.

Piparkakun koristelua ihanassa talossa ja Joulumuorin ainutlaatuisessa seurassa.

Learn easily How to Draw

2 hour visit: Welcome, soft drink, the story of Mrs. Santa and her friends, workshop of drawing with charcoal and watercolor. 

Take a selfie with Mrs. Santa Claus

Welcome,  warm drink/coffee/tea with gingerbread cookies, live-drawing of a Christmas motive by Mrs. Santa Claus. Selfies and a nice chat with the friendly Mrs. Santa Claus.

Nature Workshop 

We go out and make an interesting nature workshop of nature path to the near-by forest, a mushroom workshop on the courtyard, berry and mushroom picking.

Nature Fun

Make angels in the snow, make snowmen of the snow, throw snow balls, learn ski cross-country skiing and have a nice flight on the village road with  a  kicksledge. If you are lucky, as Mrs. Santa Claus was last year, you can find ice balls on the beach in Hailuoto. That happens very seldom!

There are white lichen ground in the forest but no reindeer! There are mysterious dinosaur trees (old pine). 

Story Day at Mrs. Santa Claus

Take part in a fairy tale of Christmas in a friendly visit to Mrs. Santa Claus. It is exciting to take a ferry over to Hailuoto from Oulunsalo and feel the island atmosphere in the air. Sea gulls following the ferry! The a trip by car to our house in the middle of Hailuoto. 

Tell us your wishes about a Christmas fairytale and what you want to do with your friends at the House of Mrs. Santa Claus on the Island of Hailuoto.

Maybe you just want to have a nice cup of tea with Mrs. Santa at her house.
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Would you like to have a nice tea cup with a Little Bird motive? Maybe a kitchen towel or just a nice Season card?

Our Elf Mari gets her inspiration from the nature of the Northern Finland and Lapland since she has lived here always. She has graduated from the University of Lapland as an industrial designer.

Our products are based on authentic Finnish design with love of nature, animals, forests, fields, flora and fauna, seasons, winter, snow, summer, spring, autumn. Have you heard about the big wild animals of Finland, bears, wolves, foxes, Eurasian lynx, wolverines? Birds are inspiring us nearly every day!

If you are interested to order a product or design of our Designer Elf , please contact us!

Cat illustration drawn by our Elf Mari.

Cat illustration drawn by our Elf Mari.

Snowman Design drawn by Mari.

Snowman Design drawn by Mari.

How this all started?

Elf Mari made a nice little elf with a red coat. Then there was Mrs. Santa Claus, Santa Claus, a Reindeer, a Christmas Cat, a Little Bird in a tree and a Snowman. All friends sharing Christmas spirit all over the world.

How did the Reindeer got his pink nose and how he broke his leg and, how Mrs. Santa helped it in the forest on her berry picking tour. That is also a true story.

There is one secret about the cat. It was once lost and found among the snowy trees at Syöte National Park area since it is so white. And Santa was so worried about it! 


Educational visits

We are organizing educational visits to the House of Mrs. Santa Claus Finland in Hailuoto mainly for groups. Also adults have found it interesting to visit us in Hailuoto.

Product card 1.

2 hour visit: Welcome to our house, soft drink, the story of Mrs. Santa and her friends, workshop of decorating ginger bread cookies. Price 150€ (max. 10 persons).

Product card 2.

2 hour visit: Welcome to our house, soft drink, the story of Mrs. Santa and her friends, workshop of drawing with charcoal and watercolor. Price 150€ (max. 10 persons)

Product card 3.

1 hour visit: Welcome to our house, warm drink/coffee/tea with gingerbread cookies, the story of Mrs. Santa and her friends. Price 100€ (max. five persons)

Bring your group to Hailuoto

Bring your group to meet Mrs. Santa Claus Finland in a unique atmosphere!  She will draw a fairytale and teach your group in a most interesting way about flowers, animals, reindeer, cats, birds. In English, Swedish and German. 

We are prepared to organize 1-2 hour workshops of handicrafts, arts, decorating gingerbread, walking in the nature with our elves.

The site of our house is easy to reach from the city of Oulu and the airport of Oulu. 

You can safely take a bus to and from Hailuoto. There are interesting activities on the island on every season from Aurora hunting in September to February or ice-fishing in winter.  

Our service will be in Educational Visits Travel Manual 2020.

Price: Starting for a group (max 10 persons) from 150€ (VAT included). 

Please, contact us !

Have you ever thought how easy it is to draw?

If you have a good teacher, you can do nearly everything. In Mrs. Santa´s workshop you will find new ideas of drawing or painting in a friendly group with Mrs. Santa Claus. She will show how you can draw an elf, a reindeer or a Christmas tree. Mrs. Santa has also done art education studies, beside of the degree of a professional teacher graduated from the university of Lapland.

When I was a child, my teacher made a wonderful Christmas fairytale on the blackboard. With chalk.

We use quality watercolor, coloring pencils, charcoal for lively lines, good paper and brushes. Eveyrone will succeed in the workshop. There are motives everywhere in the old house.

Learning is a key to success

Learning is a key of every child´s future success. Follow a stroke of charcoal and see how watercolor is spreading nicely of the drawing. Arts makes us human and happy. It is also meditative.

Live-drawing of Mrs. Santa Claus opens your group a new world of art with your abilities to grow in an authentic atmosphere in a very old house in Hailuoto. We use also web applications for drawing.

Book your class! Let us inspire you as Mrs. Santa´s teacher did to her as a child!

Iso-Syöte Fell Area

is called the Southernmost Fell Area of Finland, it is a Winter Wonderland with all that amounts of snow. If you want to take part in an exciting live-drawing session in a timber cottage, you can meet Mrs. Santa Claus Finland there on some days of the Christmas time.

There is a friendly Photographer Elf who can make you familiar with the whole National park area of Syöte. She is an expert on cross-country skiing, sliding, trekking in the forest on every season, picking berries and mushrooms.

We can draw together Christmas motives or decorate gingerbread cookies on your 1-2 hour group visit to us. Please, make sure we are available there, if you decide to book your hotel at Iso-Syöte or Pikku-Syöte area! The parents can enjoy skiing and bring the children to us! We speak English, German, Swedish and a bit of some other languages.

The price for your visit depends of the group size and on what we do together. Please, ask the suitable time!

The price starts from 20 € per person.

Please, contact us !

New Sauna Architecture

We have been working with many summer internees of the university of Oulu. This time architecture students made a plan for Mrs. Santa Claus´s new sauna building which got the form of a Christmas hat. The students got probably good working experience for their future.

Students got also to know about the Finnish society and see how different cultures meet. Oulu seems now to be a very attractive place to study or make another university degree. Some of the students apply for a job in Finnish firms. 

Mrs. Santa Claus Finland has a huge scientific and society network, which you can benefit! 

Please, contact us !

Network counseling for free

We can help you to find different educational networks in Finland as well as science and society network knowledge especially in the Northern Ostrobothnia, Oulu area. We have a long experience of networking of different skilled people and educational organizations.

Mostly our help is free. Our way of doing is based on “your benefit together with our benefit”. Why do we offer valuable things for free? It has already been the way businesses have done business by this in Finland.  It is like sharing Christmas spirit in the world for free. That has taught all the international students we have been working together in Oulu.

Helping is valuable

The students tell about Finland to their friends in China and their experience in the park of Ainolanpuisto when they met Mrs. Santa Claus for some years ago. We are waiting for more co-operation later on in business.

Please, contact us !

Learning by doing!

This little boy might not have gotten any gifts for Christmas, as he first thought. He opened the magic box and found something exciting in it! He had a curious and creative mind which you can see. Children and elves, they all are the same empty tables, if we do not teach them to learn by doing.

Can you imagine this little boy is creeping on the water? He is now finding something interesting on the ice of the Bothnian Sea just in front of the Lighthouse of Marjaniemi on a very cold winter day. He has suitable clothes on due to the arctic ice and snow.

Mrs. Santa Claus Finland has been experiencing cold nature of Northern Finland, in Hailuoto, Oulu, Kempele, Ylläs, Rovaniemi, Syöte. Cross-country skiing on the sea icecover, trekking in the forests and sliding down the fells of Lapland. With friends, children and grown-ups.

Many Finns love to find peace and calmness in the nature on the fells, by the lakes, in the wetlands and forests. It is a free for everyone to go nearly everywhere by a law of Everyman´s Rights.

Try to walk on the ice!

It is completely normal here! Book your visit to Finland and learn to enjoy the magnificent nature of this country of thousands lakes.

Please, contact us !

The child is examining the snow covered ice of the sea at Marjaniemi in February. Just fantastic!

The child is examining the snow covered ice of the sea at Marjaniemi in February. Just fantastic!

What nice things do you want to make you or your friend happy? Maybe Christmas spirit, gifts, new ideas of learning. Ask us at Mrs. Santa Claus Finland and we draw it specially for you!

If you are searching for a magic Finnish Christmas, you have come to the right place! It is Mrs. Santa Claus Finland with her elves who will lead your imagination to the Finnish Winter Wonderland of Hailuoto Island.