We will organize fairy-tale-like visits for the children and parents at the House of Mrs. Santa Claus on the island of Hailuoto. The trip there takes about an hour from the city and the airport of Oulu, Finland. 

Now also virtual visits to Mrs. Santa Claus Finland in Hailuoto Island! We will use a suitable platform like Google Meet or Zoom!

  • Mrs. Santa Claus makes live-drawing about her Christmas friends
  • Workshops of gingerbread decorating
  • Handicrafts  workshop
  • Arts workshop
  • Winter joys in the snow and on the ice surface
  • Forest walks
  • Berry picking.
  • Why don´t you spend a whole day there and feel the sea atmosphere of the island of Hailuoto!

Let´s make good sessions of learning and fun together with Mrs. Santa Claus Finland!

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Cultural Experience Guide Oulu20226 and other referencies

Cultural Experience Guide Oulu20226 and other referencies

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What nice things do you want to make you or your friend happy? Maybe Christmas spirit, gifts, new ideas of learning. Ask us at Mrs. Santa Claus Finland and we draw it specially for you!

If you are searching for a magic Finnish Christmas, you have come to the right place! It is Mrs. Santa Claus Finland with her elves who will lead your imagination to the Finnish Winter Wonderland of Hailuoto Island.