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This is Mrs. Santa Claus Finland. Look at her summer activities!

Looking for the berry flowers

Looking for the flowers of bilberries, wild blueberries.


It is a bit dry in the forest this year. Reindeer get their lichen anyway but where are they now?


Look what I found, birch wood! It is good for the Sauna. This time it was for the fireplace in the near-by. Photo credit to a nature photographer @Mika Honkalinna and the team at Rokua.


Visiting Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi


Hello, this is Santa Claus from Rovaniemi, Finland! The visitors are coming from Singapore.


Mrs Santa Claus comes from Northern Finland, and she loves berry and mushroom picking, nature trekking, photographing and skiing.

Mrs Santa Claus writes blogs on different topics, like education, places, etc. She also visits schools on call.

Where does Mrs. Santa Claus live?

Where does Mrs. Santa Claus live?

Where is this special red house of Mrs. Santa Claus? Mrs. Santa Claus lives in the Northern Finland. Near the Northernmost mainland area of Reindeer herding in Finland. There is an old red house built in 1949 among fields. The house is built of a hundred years old and massive timber stocks with red wood staves on the outer wall. Continue Reading
Mitä hauskaa joulumuori tekee kesällä?

Mitä hauskaa joulumuori tekee kesällä?

Metsään tonttujen kanssa etsimään metsämarjojen kukkia Alkukesästä lähdemme metsään tutkimaan metsämarjojen kukintapaikkoja sen takia, että tietäisimme poimintapaikat ennen metsäneläimiä. Metsä ja sen viereinen suo on minulle ja tontuille hyvinkin tuttu.
Ten typical things of the Finnish Christmas

Ten typical things of the Finnish Christmas

Ten favorites of a very traditional Finnish Christmas 1. Santa Claus Santa Claus (Joulupukki) brings the gifts for children and nice adults on Christmas Eve. It is considered as a good manner to to accept gifts as well as give gifts to family members even if today nearly everyone has everything they need. Well, needs are still different, so is Continue Reading