Mrs. Santa Claus tells:

“Once I had a dream of becoming a teacher, and it came true! Now I draw live-stories to the children on special places like schools or at my dream house in Hailuoto Island. Every child likes to learn new skills, and I feel education makes the world better for us in every corner of the globe. Funny thing, but children also like to learn and teach other children what they have learned!”

Send us inquiries about Art education at the House of Mrs. Santa Claus Finland in Hailuoto Island.

Our team: 

Mrs. Santa Claus Finland,
Designer Mari, Academic advisor Eeva, Workshop Elf Pirkko
Scientific advisor Olli, Webpage Ilkka

Joulumuorin joulusatu kertoo ystävyksistä, jotka löytävät toisensa lumiselta tieltä. Kissa tapaa pikkutontun, sitten tulevat joulumuori ja joulupukki, poro ja pikkulintu. Lumiukko oli sulanut, joten se ei ollut porukassa tällä kertaa.

Cat is always helping Mrs. Santa Claus with ideas about Christmas motives.

Learn how to draw elves! Take a pencil and start to draw! It is easy to draw if somebody teaches you. Try a pen, a marker pen, a charcoal piece or watercolor. Watch the video for an inspiration!

How to color elves with coloring pens. It is easy as you can see. Start it! Maybe you can send a drawing to Mrs. Santa Claus Finland.

Sleigh ride in Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. Exciting especially if the reindeer are not obeying! Put proper clothes on if you come to Finland in winter!

Visiting Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi with a friend from Singapore.

Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

Experiencing a fell in Lapland. This is Kuertunturi Fell which belongs to seven fells of Ylläs-Pallas national park area in the Western Lapland in Finland.

This is about Syöte Fell area, just two hours from Oulu. We made it at UniOulu with Chinese Summer university exchange students from the University of Shanghai. Material was filmed before with our elf.

Ice road to Hailuoto Island is maintained in winter after mainly from January, February until the ice stays thick enough. Before driving on the ice road the ice has to be approximately 70 centimeters thick.

Lingonberry picking. Lingonberries are red and favorites of Mrs. Santa Claus. She makes very tasty whipped lingonberry porridge.
Children are taught to pick berries in homes and at schools. Children can even bring lingonberries for their school lunch for winter. There is a lot of scientific research about berries with remarkable results of their health impact in Finland.

Reindeer Mum breastfeeding its calf on the road at Syöte in Lapland, Finland.

Our cat has a huge tick on its head and Olli is removing it bravely.

Picking cloudberries on a marsh in Oulu, Finland is always a wonderful experience. There are mosquitos in the forest and a lot of walking on the wetlands. Try it once in a lifetime! Our elves love it, since we often have coffee breaks there.

What nice things do you want to make you or your friend happy? Maybe Christmas spirit, gifts, new ideas of learning. Ask us at Mrs. Santa Claus Finland and we draw it specially for you!

If you are searching for a magic Finnish Christmas, you have come to the right place! It is Mrs. Santa Claus Finland with her elves who will lead your imagination to the Finnish Winter Wonderland of Hailuoto Island.