15th December 2018

Hello, this is me, the adventurous Christmas Cat!

I am running so fast to the Southernmost fell area in Finland, Iso-Syöte, where the snow covers all the trees and bushes with beautiful and creamlike snow. My white fur coat warms me up and fits in the winter landscape very sweetly.

In the photo it looks real cream. Do you see the steps of a bunny behind me? Little Elf made them look like my cat steps, but she really is a very innovative elf!

I am dreaming of this Winter Wonderland especially on hot summer days elsewhere and run in my mind into the soft snow under the trees.

Coming here by bus from Oulu

I had not earlier seen this marvellous place, just 2 hours from Oulu. We traveled here by bus with all my skiing equipments. We also had cat food with us and juices (lingon, bilberry) made of wild berries. I crept into a skier´s bag and made her camera and phone to stay warm.

Floating on the snow

Then I was put nicely floating on the snow. The white snow is actually water, icy and soft water. At spring it would melt down the fell into the rivers if I would stay there for too long. 

Not many tracks of animals

I did not see a single bunny. There were no wild animals anywhere. There were no tracks of an Eurasian lynx, wolves, wolverines, foxes, or other Finnish wild animals. 

When somebody was shooting photos, I was put in a dark bag again. I was only looking at imaginary films there. I even heard that there had been stars from Hollywood driving on a snowmobile. 






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