3rd June 2022

Mrs. Santa Claus Finland Oy has been co-operating with small businesses, organizations, university students, schools, kindergartens, museums, municipalities and cities in brand development and piloting different products and services.

OUAS, University of Oulu, PINO Network, Arffman Oy, HoHot Ltd, The Comprehensive School of Liminka, The Hailuoto School, The Finnish Association of Women in Oulu, International Women´s Club of Oulu Group in FB, InnoOk, City Rotary Club of Oulu, Memory Loss Organization of Oulu and some voluntary organizations like Vares.

A Local guide of Hailuoto and Cultural Experience Guide of Oulu2026 

There has been made two recent Theses of the company of Mrs. Santa Claus Finland Ltd.

OUAS student Fanny Fanny´s thesis

OUAS student Adam Sanchez

Developing a Financial Plan for an International Start-up Company in Finland




What nice things do you want to make you or your friend happy? Maybe Christmas spirit, gifts, new ideas of learning. Ask us at Mrs. Santa Claus Finland and we draw it specially for you!

If you are searching for a magic Finnish Christmas, you have come to the right place! It is Mrs. Santa Claus Finland with her elves who will lead your imagination to the Finnish Winter Wonderland of Hailuoto Island.