15th December 2017

Warm clothes make a happy trip

It is easy to travel by train to Rovaniemi from Oulu, like from the Airport of Oulu, Kuusamo, Kemi or the railway station of Oulu or Helsinki. 

You can find some practical tips for a visit to Rovaniemi in the  video above.

It is also very important that you put on warm clothes. Especially the children should have proper clothes. It can be really cold!

There are sometimes parents with freezing and crying children and who want to come out of the snow! So put warm clothes to your child and yourself.

Here is a video of Kati Jurkko from YLE (the Finnish Broadcasting Company) where she teaches how to dress warmly in Finland in winter. That suits also for the children who must even have more clothes than the grown-ups.

These are my advice for seeing how it is in Rovaniemi Santa Claus Village. Hope you get an idea!



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