15th December 2019

Hailuoto, a little Town of Ice Balls!

There was a little Snow Flake. It was hanging around in the air just above an island. It fell down towards the beach and the waves took it into the water. There were thousands of other snow flakes which were swimming in the sea. All of them came down from the clouds. This was very arctic wintertime, a bit cold wind, the temperature around zero and a magic day.

Thea sea was arousing and making bigger and bigger snowballs into nice ice balls. Little Snow flake realized it was inside an ice ball and was floating towards the sandy beach of Marjaniemi along with other oval ice eggs. It felt safe. 

The waves brought all the ice eggs carefully on the beach, put them in rows and made them to shine like diamonds. People came to take photos of them. They sent videos all over the world. 

That was a fantastic scientific phenomenon for the island. People came there by a ferry even if the weather was arctic cold.

A friendly dog came to lick Little Ice ball in the face and greeted it with a waving tail. 

All the ice balls were lying on the sand where children used to run and make sand castles in the summer. No one was doing sandcastles now. No one was sunbathing there now. People were doing lanterns. Soon there were tens of ice ball lanterns on the long beach.

Our Little Ice ball was happy to be a part of science and shone brightly as ever.


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