4th November 2018

Little Finnish bird

Hello, this is me, a Little Finnish bird, who used to move to the South in the Autumn, to the warmth of Italy. Away from the Finnish winter and come back to Finland at the Spring.

Many other little birds flew with me to the South. I left behind me blue lakes, deep-green forests and yellow cornfields.

Living in Italy

We were living in a strange country, and we were badly treated sometimes. We wanted to pick grain from the cornfields as we did in Finland, but the resident birds atacked us, because they were afraid not to have enough food for themselves.

Big birds sometimes took migratory birds to a secret place from where they never came back. The winter went like flying on the wings, it was not cold, no hunger, but we did not like it. We constantly dreamed of our own home in Finland.

The Spring

The spring came fast and we should soon leave Italy. We sat on the electric wires to count days for the left. I got suddenly a fever and had to stay there when the other birds flew to Finland. I was sick several weeks and stayed in Italy for the whole summer. 

I was longing for home to Finland and cried so much my longing, heard that many of my bird friends had disappeared somewhere on the way back home. I got so sad about it and could not even move my wings. I just was lying on the branch of the cypress.

Found another bird

A new spring came finally and I realized a sweet little bird beside me and it sang me very beautifully that I got well right away. We got deep and warm feelings towards each other and left for Finland with the other moving birds. We flew over the fields, seas, mountains, long roads and big cities.

Look at that, it looks familiar, I tweeted. Let´s fly down there by the forest and make a nest for our kids.

Winter in Finland

Then there was a new autumn and winter which I decided to experience without my friends who left for the South of Europe.

It was Christmas already. I was freezing. The there came a friendly elf who put a warm red elf cap on my head. Santa gave me a big prezent on Christmas Eve which I happily opened. 

Guess what was in it! A big amount of grain! I will never move abroad from this land of green forests, blue lakes and snow covered fields. I thought. 

Moving to another world

Now I sleep here on the branch, it is not cold, nor am I hungry. I feel so warm like the girl in the story of Hans Andersen telling about a little match girl looking through the window of a rich family´s house.

So sad.

So beautiful.

It is my turn now.


There is a beloved Christmas song called Sylvia´s Christmas song. It tells about a Finnish migratory bird living in Sicily. It is composed by Karl Collan and the poem is written by Sakari Topelius. 



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