Where does Mrs. Santa Claus live?

Where is this special red house of Mrs. Santa Claus?


How beautiful the red color and the old Finnish architecture suits into the scenery.

The house of Mrs. Santa Claus is waiting for the winter and snow. Can you see elves under the trees?

Mrs. Santa Claus lives in the Northern Finland. Near the Northernmost mainland area of Reindeer herding in Finland. That original residence of the Santa´s family is, of course, at the Fell of Ear. Korvatunturi in Finnish.

This house here is an old red house built in 1949 among fields. The house is built of a hundred years old and massive timber logs with red wood staves on the outer wall. It has three rooms with an old-fashioned design and architecture and an exciting attick!

The heating system works with wood and electricity and air-source-heat-pump.

The house is situated on an isolated and big island which is an appreciated agricultural area. It is even highly acknowledged by the Finnish state and named to one of nearly 30 national sceneries of Finland.

Outside the house there is a separate sauna building where the elves bathe every Saturday at eight a clock. There is no special heating system in the sauna building.

Guess how cold it is for instance at -25C! It takes for a while to get it warm for bathing.

This house of Mrs. Santa Claus doesn’t look like the old brown log house in Rovaniemi which was built of timber stocks, taken from Kemijoki River, for Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt and President Roosevelt in 1950´s!

The year Mrs. Santa Claus was born. Not either the big elf house at the Fell of Ear in the East Lapland is like this red, nice house.

A dream came true!

Mrs. Santa Claus had dreamed of her own residence since the years she studied in Rovaniemi in the seventies along with Santa Claus, reindeer, Arctic lights and Lappish exotics. Here it is!

Just waiting for little elves to listen to the exciting drawing!

Dreaming of a little red house in the Northern Finland. Dreaming of storytelling has also come true,


Drawing fairytales

Later on she taught children at school and draw fairy tales every day and still does just for fun in her house! On call!

There is sometimes very crowded in Santa Claus Village and Santa Park in Rovaniemi Lapland. That’s why it would be so relaxing to pay a visit to the Island of Stories.

Finland is after all a country of Christmas and Santa, reindeer, snow, forests and Polar Lights. 

Why this residence of Mrs. Santa Claus is so special?

 Its site is excellent and unique

  • The biggest but a most quiet island of the Bothnian Gulf 
  • An island of stories and fairy tales  
  • Outside a big city and an airport  
  • Amazing nature at every season with a lot of the Arctic snow, ice and cold and the Midnight Sun
  • One of the official National sceneries in Finland
  • Free ferry trip, traveling costs for the bus ride or a car
  • An exciting trip by car on an ice road from February to March  (If you dare!) https://youtu.be/C1pl0y8CBJM 

Lichen even on the courtyard

There is plenty of reindeer lichen on the island, so much that it is exported to several countries of the world. They even make colored lichen walls for the export on the island!

That is so fabulous, that it is nearly unbelievable!

Green and soft reindeer lichen walls interesting elements for designers.

Colored reindeer lichen looks interesting to a young architect who is visiting the University of Oulu. She touched the green wall and found it really moist and soft.


Reindeer lichen grows very slowly. When dry it easily is breaking into small pieces.

Reindeer lichen is common on the sandy and open forests. It is not good to walk on dry areas, since the lichen can break into pieces. The locals know that!


There is still a lot of lichen left on the island and it is growing also on the ground of the house of Mrs. Santa Claus Finland, but it takes at least five years lichen to grow again.

  • What do you say to that, my Reindeer? Oh, you want lichen from the Fell of Ear, Syöte National Park, Romevaara or Ylläs in Lapland?
  • You cannot have always get what you want but for Christmas you can wish for anything!
  • I just wish for a plenty of lichen!


  • Reindeer mum and calf eat lichen.

    Hello reindeer mum and baby! Are you looking for lichen on the road at Syöte?

Woodshed for birch firewood 

A wood work of art

The firewood is waiting here for sauna!


A grey building on the other side of the residence is a woodshed and it is built of thin timber stocks in Tyrnävä. But the stocks are rather narrow with holes between them, since the wind should blow through the stocks and dry the firewood. 

  • You mean the rain rains from downside-up, Ha, ha, ha! 
  • Yes, it does, believe or not!

The elves like to play in the woodshed, they climb and hide themselves there even if it is dangerous because the wood pieces might hit them.

Sometimes they find birch nests between the firewood, but the birds have flown already to the South for a year. 


Sauna is originally from the 1940`s

Sauna is ready for bathing every Saturday evening at eight o’clock when the elves have heated it with birch firewood and carried some buckets of water to sauna.


The sauna building from the 1940`s gives visitors a good steam that rises from sauna stove when someone throughs water on the stones.

Sauna is situated beside big trees. It  is a nice red wood cottage with an exciting history of the hiding elves from the 1940´s.

The wood for the heating needs to get dried before the elves can use it for the heating. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to put on fire in the oven, but the elves use the birchbark for that.

The elves think that the warming of sauna is kind of philosophical; they carry first firewood inside and then put the wood properly into the oven!

The other oven warms up the sauna stones and the other warms up water. Then they watch the fire! The elves fetch cold water from a water plug with buckets.

The path from the house to sauna is sometime very slippery because of the snow and ice! 

  • Can you be careful on slippery roads in winter?

How to get to the house of Mrs. Santa Claus?


Make an exciting and free trip of a half an hour by Merisilta or Meriluoto.

Free ferry trip takes only a half an hour to the island of fairytales!

Finnair has a lot of flights to Finland.

Use an airplane to travel to the island of fairytales.

Take a flight to Oulu and from there a bus to the ferry and a trip by bus to the middle of the main village. You have to ask for our place, costs and time for a private visit!

Send your e-mail inquiries to us.

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Meet Mrs Santa Claus on the first of December 2018 where ever she is!