Little Elf Mari made the sign of Mrs. Santa Claus Finland

Our little elf, Mari, is always willing to do nice pictures. She has been studying how to draw and how to write nice letters. Can you write? Can you draw? I suppose you can. You just make a circle, to circles, three or more circles and write nice letters in the picture. Then you can…
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Mrs. Santa Greetings

Mrs Santa Claus Finland sells visual design of Christmas and photos and pictures of Nordic animals, (e.g. foxes, wolves, bears, birds, hares and moose) and printed cups with the picture of Nordic animal. She also produces authentic videos of her trekking to Northern Finland during eight seasons. Podcast production is also another feature of Mrs…
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Joulupukki jakaa lahjoja lapsille, Santa Claus gives presents to children

Minä, joulupukki, asun Lapissa, Korvatunturilla. Olen juuri lähdössä jakamaan lahjoja kilteille lapsille Kempeleeseen ja muualle Suomeen. Joulupukin paja on Rovaniemellä, josta haen myös lahjoja. Olen laittanut päälleni punaisen takin, jossa on valkoiset somisteet helmassa, kauluksessa ja hihoissa. Päässäni on punainen tonttulakki, jossa on valkoiset somisteet. Takissa mustat napit ja musta vyö, jossa on metallisolki ja kädessä…
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Mrs. Santa Claus´s dress

The Story of Mrs. Santa Claus´s Dress Little elf Mari draw the dress for me, Mrs. Santa Claus. She draw red skirt, red blouse and a white apron. On my grey hair she put a red cap with white teddy. She put red shoes in my feet, which are not good in the snow, but…
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Sharing Christmas Spirit Year-round

Sharing Christmas Spirit
The business goal is to support northern travel and experience businesses e.g. by selling gift cards and spreading cheer aroud people. Invite Mrs. Santa Claus to tell fairy tales for children for example to kindergartens, schools or shopping center. Website includes gift shop (opened 2017) and blog with stories from northern Finland and fairytales for children. Order Mrs. Santa Claus Finland to…
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