Mrs. Santa Claus Finland

  • From the Northern Finland
  • Loves berry and mushroom picking, nature trekking, photographing and skiing.
  • Visits schools telling about the story of Mrs. Santa Claus and friends.
  • Live drawing of Christmas stories and fairytales
  • Visualizing Nordic animals like reindeer, foxes, wolves, bears, birds, hares and moose


  • Printed cups with a picture of Nordic animals
  • Print products with an Arctic design by Mari Pohjanvesi
  • Designs with authentic Finnish motives
  • Production of authentic videos of trekking in the Northern Finland and Lapland during the ”eight” seasons. 
  • Podcast production e.g. about trekking and studying in Finland.

Why Education?

  • Education makes a better future for our children
  • Mrs. Santa Claus is willing to co-work with international education organizations, investors
  • Inviting entrepreneurs to the Northern Finland for visiting schools, kindergartens, colleges and universities
  • Visualizing the opportunities of educational visits for parents, schools, entrepreneurs, ministries on the field of the Finnish education especially in the Northern Finland and Lapland
  • Showing how Finland makes good Pisa results at school
  • Marketing education organizers for summer school camps, shorts visits for teachers, pupils, students to Finland
  • Giving opportunities to learn the real Finnish society for the summer internees
  • Visits of small groups to the house of Mrs. Santa Claus Finland in Hailuoto!
  • Inquiries to be sent for Ritvamedia in contact form.


Visit Mrs Santa Claus Flickr Gallery at:



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